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About me

Within a 35x22 frame -my mission is to tell your story, truthfully. It's a partnership. It's quite deep, but stay with me.

Truth registers in a variety of ways - there's chaos, serenity, scars, laughter, melancholy, tears, nostalgia, weariness, happiness, triumph, loss and love. Truth, is oftentimes overwhelming, scary, even. It eats away filters. It exposes wounds. It casts light to your shadows. But as John Keats wrote, "Truth is beauty, beauty truth".

Let me be clear, my job is not to expose your truth. My role is to capture your journey as you beautifully unravel and hopefully, we get to a place where you can unabashedly dance with your authenticity and the story I can tell with the images I create, will be ones you cherish for long.  

{Pickled Onion is a California-based lifestyle and wedding photographer, specializing in visually-engaging story-telling.}


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Thousand Oaks, Ca

"Truth is beauty, beauty truth..." - John Keats